NCC Northern Cleaning Contractors Ltd. Started in 1979.

We use a truck mount steam cleaning unit for carpet cleaning wherever accessible. If not accessible, we use a big portable steam cleaning unit. The advantages of the truck mount are that it makes minimum mess, maximum vacuum and hotter water for cleaning.

Guarantee— no shrinkage, colour loss or seam separation. We do whatever we can to safely get spots off.

For upholstery cleaning, we use a specialized upholstery cleaning machine. Leather and furniture cleaning is also available.

Protector can be applied to carpets or furniture after cleaning if desired.

Area rugs and blinds— discount if brought into our shop.

Duct cleaning since 2003. Also done with a truck mounted vacuum unit. Vents (hot air and cold air returns) are removed and cleaned with a brush and vacuum hose from the top down. Access holes are cut into duct work by furnace to clean from the bottom up. Sanitizer is available upon request.

Vehicle cleaning is done in our shop. Packages are available depending on what you require. We also do emergency cleaning— i.e. coffee spill on seat, etc. Wax, liquid glass can be applied.

Call (705) 560-6610 for more information or to book an appointment.

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